Communication Director Responsibilities

The Communication Director is responsible for managing all communication of the Proud Scholars social media strategy. The Communication Director develops and implements a communication plan that will ensure public views of the Proud Scholars Organization to be in a positive favor. The Communication Director will write and deliver press releases, handle all communications sent to the public, and strategies for the organization.

Responsibilities of the Communication Director include but are not limited to:

  • Build a sustainable social media strategy that includes but is not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
  • Ensure the public views the organization favorably through positive, action based communications.
  • Create and launch press releases when appropriate.
  • Contact members of the media to coordinate interviews with Proud Scholars.
  • Get the organization featured on radio, TV, or the Internet.
  • Ensure that all communication for public speaking opportunities for the Board of Directors is fully vetted.
  • Drive strategy and message development, pitch and announcement strategies.
  • Determines and executes communications strategy throughout the region.
  • Develop communication strategies for each community that Proud Scholars focuses on.
  • Manage and maximize media opportunities.
  • Develop strong relationships with media reps.
  • Maintain a database of contacts, addresses and related information.
  • Develop internal publications such as newsletters, releases, email announcements, planned publications, on-line, intranet, video, special projects and assignments.
  • Create rich and creative content that is optimized for search engines.
  • Develop, implement, and evaluate the annual communications plan across the network's discreet audiences in collaboration with the Proud Scholar team(s) and constituents.
  • Put communications vehicles in place to create momentum and awareness as well as to test the effectiveness of communications activities.
  • Manage content for all print, electronic collateral; newsletters, brochures, and the Proud Scholar website and ensure that they are consistent.
  • Track and measure the level of engagement within the network over time.
  • Report on communication committees and strategy group activities.