The Operations Director serves as Secretary to the Board of Directors. It is the objective of the Operations Director to coordinate all operations of the Board functions. The Operations Director is considered 1 of 6 Officers that are considered a permanent position without a term limit. The Operations Director works to ensure consistency of performance to promote a progressive and diverse board and to continue to strengthen the mission.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Organize the Board of Director meetings:
    • Agenda, timing, location and coordination.
  • Act as the Board of Director secretary.
    • Draft all Board minutes and maintain Board historical records.
    • Motion each meeting for minute approval by all attending Board members.
    • Maintain all organizational documents. 
  • Coordinate with the grant writer to evaluate organizational awards through the government.
    • Perform government reviews for all eligible grants that Proud Scholars may apply for to supplement financial growth.
  • Build an onboarding process for all new Board members.
    • Manage the application process for new members.
    • Outline a communication plan for Director Recruitment.
    • Build a peer review process. 
    • Build an orientation process that works for the Board of Directors and Scholarship Review Board.
    • Build out the diversity matrix so that we maintain a diverse volunteer pool.
  • Promote a culture of high performance and continuous improvement that values learning and a commitment to quality.
  • Ensure new Directors receive timely and appropriate training and development for their positions.
  • Establish and monitor staff performance and development goals, assign accountabilities, set objectives, establish priorities and conduct annual performance appraisals.
  • Advocate on behalf of the Proud Scholars brand with potential Directors and Officers across all communications channels and vehicles.
  • Support by mentoring and developing Directors using a collaborative approach: assign accountabilities; set objectives; establish priorities; and monitor and evaluate results.
  • Upgrade and implement an appropriate system of policies, internal controls, and procedures that are built into the Board of Director Bi-Laws.
  • Plan, coordinate, and execute the annual Pride Event to reinforce organizational awareness and impact.
  • Ensure that Proud Scholars is adhering to the strategic plan, delivering status reports to the board.
  • Maintain and ensure that the Proud Scholars 501(c)(3) status is compliant with all government regulations and all laws are met.
  • Report on operational committees and strategy group activities.

Operations Director Responsibilities