The Volunteer Director will oversee the volunteer program that maintains engagement in the community, build a database of community volunteers and build a program to help students repay their students loans through a volunteer program with our community partners. The Volunteer Director will provide leadership and coordination for events and organizational management. The Volunteer Director consults with the Board of Directors to strategically develop and implement recruiting plans as needed.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Work to publish timely information for volunteer recruitment.
  • Ensure communication strategy is consistent and reflects the organization’s strategic vision.
  • Build a volunteer database.
  • Build a strategic plan to recruit, engage and retain volunteers in the community.
  • Advocate on behalf of the Proud Scholars brand with volunteers across all communications channels and vehicles.
  • Build a platform in the community that maintains volunteer loyalty and support.
  • Build a plan to network with university volunteer programs to facilitate a consistent flow of new volunteers in the community.
  • Build, implement and maintain a volunteer recognition program which will include a volunteer recognition lunch for volunteers and sponsors.
  • Supplement all Proud Scholar events with volunteer support as outlined by the event managers.
  • Manage volunteer booths for each event to ensure consistency and reliability with volunteer staff.
  • Represent Proud Scholars at volunteer fairs and recruiting functions.
  • Report on volunteer committees and strategy group activities.
  • Create and document all volunteer processes, metrics and procedures for future use.

Volunteer Director Responsibilities