Restricted Donations

Yearly Scholarships: each year we will raise money to pay out scholarships to students. We will set goals for how many scholarships we pay out and how much each student will receive based on how much we raise.

  • Primary scholarships for 18-24 year old students.
  • Adult learning scholarships for adults 25 years of age or older.
  • Junior high students 13-17 years old.
  • If you would like to establish a named scholarship we can establish a cadence for contributing to the fund and we will pay out in your name each year following your scholarship establishment. This also includes managing funds established by other organizations.

Scholarship Trust Fund: the trust fund is designed to sustain and improve our ability to pay out scholarships in the future. Our goal is to build a one million dollar trust fund that will enable us to focus more on education and building diversity.

Educational Outreach: contributing to our outreach will ensure that each year we have the resources to reach schools, businesses, and students across our marketing area. Brand recognition will be a critical attribute of our success and will require an aggressive approach to reach students in need.

Volunteer Program: our objective is not only to build loyalty with our volunteers but to also build a program in which students log volunteer hours either with Proud Scholars or one of our community partners and once an hourly goal is met we will make payments to their student loans. This will help us maintain momentum within the volunteer community and ensure that each organization has the support necessary to fulfill their mission. All the while decreasing their debt to society.

Event Implementation: each year we will require dedicated funds to manage our art auction and performing arts show.

Loyalty & Recognition Program: each year we will build a recognition program and outreach so that community members can see who is contributing. We will bring donors and companies together to see the value of their contribution as the community steps forward.

Internship & Mentoring: our educational outreach to students for internships and mentoring will require a strategy that improves visibility at college, university job fairs, and recruiting events to reinforce community support and drive up the population of LGBT applicants when companies open their internship hiring windows.

Host Home Program: The host home fund is in collaboration with Safe & Supported and covers any costs to support youth that cannot be covered by Lighthouse Youth Services or the Host Home.

Thank you for taking the time to donate to our program. We have a variety of ways in which  you can help support our program. Our strategic goal is to build a $1 Million dollar endowment that gives us a foundation for supporting the community. Once we have it in place we can begin to reinvent how we support students and connect with the community.

To donate please send a check or money order made out to the Proud Scholars to: P.O. Box 14901 Cincinnati Ohio 45250. For questions and concerns please email us at

​We also accept the following payment systems for your protection, look for Proud Scholars:

You can also donate through our                          account.

Please consider us in your estate planning.

If you have a Kroger Plus card you can register us as your designated charity. Every time you scan your card they will send us a portion of your transaction. Please go to:

Estate planning can be  great way to carry on your legacy and help the community thrive. We have built the individual contributor resource here to help you decide how your assets can be used.

As with every donation you can designate how we use it as a restricted donation dedicated to specific programming.