Educational Services Director Responsibilities

The Educational Services Director will focus on creating and maintaining the internship, mentoring and supplementary service programs that students will need to find employment or additional support in the community. This position will work closely with community organizations and corporate hiring groups to promote and populate their hiring pools with LGBT students. With community organizations that offer services that LGBT students can take advantage of the Educational Services Director will work to raise awareness and build a network to connect students with the right services when they need it.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Work with the Corporate Sponsorship Director to build and maintain an internship network.
  • Working with corporate recruiting teams to build internship schedules.
  • Connect students with groups that provide career guidance.
  • Advocate on behalf of the Proud Scholars brand with corporate recruiters across all communications channels and vehicles.
  • Build and maintain a mentoring network.
  • Work with our community partners to identify individuals or groups that can contribute to our mentoring network.
  • Network with current mentoring programs that will satisfy the needs of students.
  • If necessary coordinate students and mentors in their desired field.
  • Build mentoring goals and expectations that the mentor and mentee should accomplish throughout the course of the program.
  • Monitoring and evaluating mentor/mentee relationships.
  • Develop an evaluation process to ensure that we have the right mentee paired to the right mentor to determine if any changes must be made.
  • Build and maintain a working relationship with university counseling teams.
  • Help to coordinate students with hiring windows for internships.
  • Working with Human Resources and/or Financial Aid as necessary to facilitate hiring, time approval and allocation monitoring for student workers.
  • Provide students with guidance and information regarding career research, options and decision making, goal setting, job searching, and the graduate school application process through counseling appointments and consultations
  • Build partnerships and internship opportunities locally, state-wide, nationally and internationally for students.
  • Consult with employers regarding optimal marketing strategies to connect students to internships and jobs and to collaborate on events and workshops.
  • Coordinate at job fairs and educational events to ensure Proud Scholars is represented and promote our corporate partnership programs.