Focused Tutoring: We are building a pipeline of qualified tutors that understand the needs and challenges of LGBT youth. Through our program we can provide parents with support if their children are struggling in school, are not able to attend scheduled classes, or help in times of need. This program will be active while tutors are available and class limitations apply.

Youth Events: In collaboration with community organizations we will develop special events for youth and their families to aid in our ability to connect with parents and caregivers. LGBT parents can include their children in the events and programs as we build a platform for success in our community.

Our pilot city: Cincinnati

If you would like us to begin working in your city, please email us at and we will connect.

In an effort to help diversify our services and help provide families with necessary support for their children, we are developing our youth program to help LGBT families and youth ages 5 - 16 with the following services:

Welcome to the Youth Program

School Supply Drives: In uncertain times it can be tough to know where school supplies are going to come from. Each year we will work to gather school supplies for our students. If we are successful enough to gather more than we need, we will coordinate with local schools and programs to donate and contribute our excess to their vaults to help all of the students that need help.

To help us collect school supplies drives please email us at and we will connect or use the wish list below.