LGBT Historical Archive - The historical archive is centralizing the history of the LGBT community in the United States. With a centralized view we will be able to see the challenges, the wins, the losses, and the sacrifices that the community has made that has led us on the path to where we stand today.

Inclusive School Network

It is important to know that you are attending schools that will recognize your value. That especially applies if you identify as an LGBT student. Our inclusive school network includes schools that have GSTA student groups, assigned educators for the program, and diversity training for staff that helps everyone ensure that the educational experience is positive for every student.

The scholarship network will help you take advantage of every funding opportunity when planning a college strategy. Programs that participate in our network are not administered by Proud Scholars. Qualifications and restrictions will apply for each program.

Student Services

Volunteering – The Proud Scholars Volunteer program is designed to help individuals with student loans to connect with our community support partners, log volunteer hours and Proud Scholars will send a payment to your Navient student loan account. This program is designed to balance our financial strategy to help student as they go into collage and when they finish their degree program.

LGBT Education Library - The educational library is a collection of white papers designed to help raise awareness for outstanding issues that the LGBT community manages either as a community or by individuals. Each contribution should help the community see the other side of experiences that they may not understand or have been exposed to.