Value Over Time

The volunteering program is designed to help you as a student remain connected to the community that is supporting you and repay existing student loans. As you log volunteer hours with our community partners you get closer to payments on your student loans.

Each organization will assess their volunteer needs and will assign you accordingly and then sign off on your logged hours.

When $250 is applied to a 25 year student loan the impact is the same as a $500 scholarship because it eliminates compounding interest.

Immediate Value

LGBT Housing & Shelters

When going in to college scholarships are designed to reduce the financial debt that each student takes on by paying for tuition ahead of time.​​

As tuition is accumulated it transitions into student loan debt. ​Students that take advantage of our volunteer program are reducing their student loans through community engagement.

If you volunteer in a community that we have not established ourselves in yet please tell us where you can volunteer and we will network to get you the hours that you need to qualify for our program.

LGBT Social Services

25 Year Student Loans


The value of a scholarship is a dollar for dollar exchange. It immediately reduces the financial impact and prevents the interest that will be applied to outstanding debt.

Volunteering Program

Limitations apply: the volunteer reimbursement program is available to student debt holders while funding is available.