All of our services cross stateliness and communities. As we build our program we will replicate our services for each community that we enter. With the help of valued chapter teams we will strengthen the community by supporting education and diversity.

Scholarships – The Proud Scholars Scholarship program and associated network is designed to help individuals reduce the amount of financial debt that they would naturally accrue going into college. The scholarship network will help students take advantage of every funding opportunity at the national level. The network contributing programs are not affiliated with Proud Scholars.

Regional Services

LGBT Historical Archive - The historical archive is centralizing the history of the LGBT community in the United States. With a centralized view we will be able to see the challenges, the wins, the losses, and the sacrifices that the community has made that has led us on the path to where we stand today.

Social Services – The social services network is designed to help connect students with service providers that understand their individuality and needs. Providers are screened to ensure that highest quality services that will help students manage social issues related to family rejection, social injustice, substance abuse, and any outstanding issue that they are struggling with.

LGBT Education Library - The educational library is a collection of white papers designed to help raise awareness for outstanding issues that the LGBT community manages either as a community or by individuals. Each contribution should help the community see the other side of experiences that they may not understand or have been exposed to.


Inclusive School Network - The inclusive school network connects parents and students with schools that understand the value of diversity and that support students with opportunities to be recognized for who they are and help them succeed.

Please download our operational material below.

Mentorship – Proud Scholars is building a professional resource pool of experienced community volunteers to partner with students to help them through their educational and career decisions. If there are organizations in the community that provide these programs Proud Scholars will help foster a relationship between LGBT students and existing programs. A mentoring program is a process that always involves communication, is relationship based and is an informal transmission of knowledge, social capital, and support perceived by the recipient as relevant to work, career, or professional development and is sustained over a period of time.

Internship – The Internship pipeline is designed to connect students with companies that have diversity programs. In addition to working for the right company they receive work experience that applies to their degree field. Internship programs can be three month terms to permanent placement. As we increase the amount of LGBT students in their hiring pools we improve the likelihood that students will be able to contribute to the corporate diversity program.

Interfaith Network - We believe that community members should be able to maintain their faith and identify as their true self without the pressure of feeling judged or criticized by the community that they are socializing with. The network is designed to connect community members with congregations that are accepting and that demonstrate the quality of their services and the messages that they provide.

Host Home Fund - The Proud Scholars Host Home fund allocates 2% of our income to supporting LGBT students that take up residency in the Host Home program with Lighthouse Youth Services. When students need supplies that cannot be provided by the Safe & Supported general fund, grants, or the host home family, Proud Scholars will provide the needed supplies to help support student from this fund.

This fund is managed independent of Lighthouse Youth Services and will be in place throughout the life of the Safe & Supported Host Home Program.

Volunteering – The Proud Scholars Volunteer program is designed to help individuals with student loans to connect with our community support partners, log volunteer hours and Proud Scholars will send a payment to your Navient student loan account. This program is designed to balance our financial strategy to help student as they go into collage and when they finish their degree program.

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