As an educator it is important for you to understand how to use our services to the advantage of students that may be just starting out in their educational journey or those that are well on their way. Below are short descriptions for each of our services and how you can use them.

Scholarships - the scholarship network is designed to help students that qualify recognize all of the potential funding sources that are available. It included, local, regional, state, and national funds. If your school has a scholarship database you can add our content to help connect students to our services or if you have other scholarship funds that we can add to our scholarship scheduler we can help raise awareness for not only our funding sources but all those around us.

If your school needs support setting up your LGBT group the organization below can provide you with the resources necessary to be successful.

         Ohio River Valley Pride Coalition’s mission is to advocate for LGBTQ+ individuals in our community, provide a support system for those individuals, and educate the public on key issues affecting the LGBTQ+ community. We strive to lower suicide rates through education and active prevention.

            We also aim to eradicate discrimination against LGBTQ+ students by helping to establish GSTAs (gay-straight-trans alliances) in schools in our community and surrounding areas, along with providing the students and faculty involved with said groups the resources necessary to succeed.

            We are dedicated to helping those struggling with addiction (which does occur at a higher rate within the LGBTQ+ community); not only in terms of prevention, but to help individuals struggling seek recovery and achieve and maintain sobriety.

Volunteer program - this program is designed for students that need to accrue volunteer hours and that have also accrued students loans related to their educational journey. Each student will be required to log hours with our nonprofit partners and once they have completed the cycle they will have not only learned about programs in the community that are driving change but they will have given back to the community that supports them. Once this is complete we will make one student loan payment per 100 hours logged. If your school has a volunteer program please help us establish our program within your facilities to help LGBT students connect with organizations that are making a difference.

Mentoring & Social Services - this network is designed to help students with tailored services that support the LGBT community. This includes professional support from adults that have traveled their career path and that have something to give back to help those behind them. The social services may include more advanced services to help student manage barriers that are holding them back in life.

Internship program - the internship pipeline is designed to help students take advantage of short term employment with companies that build and maintain diversity standards and that will recognize their individual value. Some internships are short term while others are temp to hire depending on the business. If you school has a program for internship please help reach out to us and help create the link between student and corporation so that we set them up for success.

Interfaith network - the interfaith network is designed to help students recognize that they can maintain their faith and their identity with churches that accept everyone and that understand the importance of diversity in the world. If you belong to a church that promotes diversity and acceptance...join our network and take a stand.